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LED Lighting


Inteltronic offers bright high power LED emitter as well as LED lighting modules and fixtures.


Inteltronic LED solutions for your projects:a

*1W, 3W, 5W

LED lights:
*Light bulbs, Light tubes,
Flat panel lights
*Down lights, Spot lights, Cabinet lights
*Ceiling lights, Floor lights
*Street lamps, Tunnel lamps




Inteltronic's LED Package
Inteltronic offers wafer based high power LED package by leveraging its core competitiveness in optical and silicon package technologies.a
The unique dvanced LED packaging technology in silicon wafers enhances light extraction efficiency compare to ceramic substrates. The governments worldwide are making policy to push the replacement from traditional lighting to more environmental friendly lighting solutions particularly LED lighting for both public and private lighting applications such as EU,Japan,Canada forbid using incandescent bulbs after 2012. High power LEDs also have a much longer life than incandescent light bulbs. Usually a led can last 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb results in much less upkeep. Come see the full range of our LED lamps.

Technology LED package silicon wafer base high power LED package 8” silicon wafer base high power LED package

Comparing to traditional package types, our silicon-based package technology has additional benefits in thermal dissipation, reliability (due to silicon’s compatible CTE with LED chip), consistent CCT performance (due to conformal phosphor coating), miniaturization (wafer level lens molding & MEMS processing), and flexible customization for multi-chip layout.

Thermal dissipation


Thermal dissipation capability thermal resistance reaches < 5℃/W



Compatible CTE performance: reliable package platform & robust structure


Consistent CCT Performance

Compatible CTE performance : reliable package platform & robust structure

Technology LED package Conformal phosphor coating technology good CCT control and high CRI


1. Wafer level lens molding technology : high productivity & good lens shape control
2. Technology Wafer level lens molding technology high productivity and good lens shape control

1. Thermal resistance as low as 2C/W package is achievable on single chip component

2. Low junction temperature (<50C at Ta=25C)

Customization for multi-chip layout

Flexible customization : conceptual design for multi-chip LED